Bu-Ali Sina university


In this research work, a covalent organic framework adsorbent functionalized with titanium dioxide was synthesized. Then, Effect of pH, amount of adsorbent, agitation time, and initial concentration of methylene blue and tetracycline pollutants on the process of pollutant removal from water were investigated. The effect of ultraviolet light on the performance of the adsorbent was studied. The adsorbent's ability to remove pollutants was compared in the presence and absence of UV light. The synthesized adsorbent consists of two parts. The main part includes the covalent organic framework that shows effective surface adsorption, and the other part is titanium dioxide, which is connected to the structure of the adsorbent by covalent bonding. The titanium dioxide is activated when exposed to ultraviolet light and increases the removal percentage of the adsorbent under optimal conditions. Functionalization of the covalent organic framework with titanium dioxide created a dual-purpose and efficient adsorbent to remove pollutants.