1 Agricultural Research Office - Ministry of Agriculture, iraq

2 Department of Biology, College of Education for Pure Science, University of Tikrit, Iraq.


The significance of water quality was acknowledged by scientists and researchers, as aquatic systems are especially susceptible to many kinds of pollution. Identifying elements of water quality is important when relating to environmental elements.

This research included a study of some of the physical and chemical properties of the water of the Al-Ishaqi irrigation project, physical analyzes it included the following characteristics which are TDS values ranged between (305-256) mg/L , EC (530-443) µmohs/cm, while the chemical analyzes included SO4 (62-31) mg/L, Cl (45-21) mg/L, K (3.8-2)mg/L, Na (25-19)mg/L, and the pH (8.1-6.85) . An evaluation quality of water for drinking purposes and irrigation of agricultural lands and animals and its suitability for concrete mixtures. The results showed that the water is suitable as a direct source for water treatment stations and for human, livestock, poultry and agricultural uses. It also showed that there is no negative effect on the concrete mixtures and on the Reinforcement, After comparing the results of the physical and chemical analysis of water samples taken from three areas along the Ishaqi irrigation project with international and Iraqi standards.