Analysis of Organochlorine Pesticides using Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrophotometer show an elevated pollution rate in Albanian soils,

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College of Engineering and Technology, The American University of the Middle East, Kuwait.


Organochlorine pesticides (OCPs), also known as DDTs and Chlorinated Cyclodienes, are extensively used in agricultural settings for pest, weed, and ant control, leading to widespread concerns about water, air, and soil pollution. This study focuses on evaluating the concentrations of DDTs and Chlorinated Cyclodienes in nine soil samples collected from agricultural farms in Durres city, Albania. The soil samples were extracted using a Soxhlet apparatus, followed by column chromatography purification, and quantified using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrophotometry (GC-MS). The results revealed significant contamination of the soil samples with organochlorine pesticides, underscoring the environmental risks and potential threats to human health. It is important to note that this study solely pertains to Durres city and its agricultural lands, and the findings should not be generalized to all soils in Albania. The identification of pesticide pollution in these specific soil samples highlights the urgent need for mitigation strategies and reduced pesticide usage in the area. This pioneering research provides crucial insights into the levels of DDTs and Chlorinated Cyclodienes in agricultural farms within Durres city, fostering a foundation for sustainable farming practices and environmental preservation.


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Available Online from 03 June 2023
  • Receive Date: 22 March 2023
  • Revise Date: 20 May 2023
  • Accept Date: 02 June 2023