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School of Environment, University of Auckland, New Zealand



Seventy years of age 10 (13-15), students of the Queen's High School in NZ, were taken to Westland National Park to record films about the weather alteration employing iPads to assess if ecological plunging and wireless multimedia (use smartphones or tablets) could lead favorable feelings to technology (Immersion Community). Another fourteen participants (Control Community) stayed in Dunedin and recorded climatic clips as well. The tools, tutoring, rewards and footage were applicable to all classes. But the Immersion Group's students were more possibly to create high-quality clips and recordings. Although the perceptions of both participants to science until the analysis did not vary, the Immersion Community had far more optimistic views about technology at school and well beyond. The mixture of ecological plunging and wireless filming greatly raised the attention to environmental and climate alteration, indicating that it is a useful medium for science learning.