Original Article
The Modified Biosand Filters for Water Treatment

Sahana K R; Prem Kumar; Istalingamurthy A

Volume 2, Issue 1 , March 2022, Pages 1-8


  One of the most promising and accessible technologies for household water treatment is biosand filtration. The biosand filter is an intermittently operated slow sand filter at little scales. In this investigation, a series of laboratory scale was conducted by introducing a 10 cm thick layer of iron oxide ...  Read More

Short Communication
Heavy metals accumulation in fish, a growing threat in the Caspian Sea

Javid Imanpour Namin; Mohammad Forouhar Vajargah

Volume 2, Issue 1 , March 2022, Pages 9-13


  Water Pollution is a great concern all over the world specially in closed or semi-closed ecosystems like the Caspian Sea. Among the huge array of anthropogenic pollutants heavy metals have been responsible for several disastrous event damaging for aquatic biota and the man. Heavy metals enter the Caspian ...  Read More

Original Article
Investigation of the Endurable Expressway Landscape's Eco-Controlling System

Masoud Radmanesh

Volume 2, Issue 1 , March 2022, Pages 14-17


  Through rapid urbanizing and quick economically globalizing, the expressway, which is one of the significant highway networks parts, is formed at an incredible rate that obtained growingly intense ecologic environment concerns though contribution significantly for humans. Thus, promoting economically ...  Read More

Original Article
Technique Selection of Corporation by considering the Environmental Restraints

Islam Abdolhakim

Volume 2, Issue 1 , March 2022, Pages 18-22


  Demands of Individuals and the government for corporation environmental conservation are so stern. Corporation encounters a danger of environmental conservation. Environmental restraints contain important elements that should be regarded in corporation strategic control planning. This study explains ...  Read More

Original Article
Analysis of the Metal Pollution Bioremediation in the Environment of Water and Soil in Yongding River

Abdul Qahar Massror

Volume 2, Issue 1 , March 2022, Pages 23-28


  The main river in Beijing is the Yongding River. Nevertheless, According to the environmental contamination induced by economic growth, the environment of water, and the shore of the Yongding River are in danger of destruction. The Yongding River ecological repair is crucial. Phytoremediation and microbial ...  Read More

Original Article
Electrical Trash is a Recent Problem for the Environmentalists

Sanjoli Mobar; Pradeep Bhatnagar

Volume 2, Issue 1 , March 2022, Pages 29-35


  Electrical trash is one of the quickly increasing problems on the earth. Electrical trash includes considerable elements, some including toxic substances, which could have a damaging influence on human health and even on the environment. Quick economic development in Asia and the growing transboundary ...  Read More