Original Article
Environmentally Induced Alternative Livelihood Strategies among the Artisanal Fishers of the Kainji Lake Basin, Nigeria

Saviour Aletor

Volume 1, Issue 1 , February 2021, Pages 1-7


  Living in poverty-driven communities suffering from food insecurity that is escalated as a result of sub-standard exploitation, fishery resources, and other environmental challenges,  small-scale Nigerian artisanal fishers have dominated the fisheries sub-sector. Sadly, environmental changes have ...  Read More

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Analysis of Momentary Variations in the Quality of Water on Specific Criteria in Cole Mere

K Kabir; S.M.A. Arefin; M. T. Hosain

Volume 1, Issue 1 , February 2021, Pages 8-12


  Momentary changes in some criteria regarding the quality of water were examined by conducting field test and laboratory examination in Cole Mere during the summer months (June, July and August) of 2013. 10 locations were chosen (inside the lake) and each was sampled nearly one month away from the other. ...  Read More

Original Article
Discussing Climate Change: Pathways, Origins, Significant Subjects and Developed Guidlines According to Research Taken Place in China

Gu Wan

Volume 1, Issue 1 , February 2021, Pages 13-19


  Discussing climate change can only be achieved if the public understand the severity and the gravity of climate change and modify their behavior in directions that decrease hazardous discharge into the atmosphere and advocate adjustment, whereas the complexity, ambiguity and the vast scope of the issue ...  Read More

Original Article
Evaluation of the Efficient Management of Greenhouses for Healthy Items in the Province of Alborz

Masoud Radmanesh

Volume 1, Issue 1 , February 2021, Pages 20-23


  This study aimed to examine greenhouse productivity throughout generating greenhouse's safe goods in the province of Alborz. A basic randomized sample consisted of 150 greenhouse makers in Nazarabad, Hashtgerd and Chaharbagh districts of the Alborz Province is introduced and the demographic population ...  Read More

Original Article
Ecological Plunging and Wireless Filming for Science Education: A New Zealand Pilot Experimeent

Erica Hewitt

Volume 1, Issue 1 , February 2021, Pages 24-29


  Seventy years of age 10 (13-15), students of the Queen's High School in NZ, were taken to Westland National Park to record films about the weather alteration employing iPads to assess if ecological plunging and wireless multimedia (use smartphones or tablets) could lead favorable feelings to technology ...  Read More

Original Article
The Effect of Supplemental Instruction on Educational Accomplishments and Behaviors of Organic Chemistry Scholars

Oliver Barth

Volume 1, Issue 1 , February 2021, Pages 30-36


  Supplemental Instruction (SI) is proved to be an effective application in universities and colleges around the world. SI is considered to decrease attenuation and enhance educating and accomplishment rate amongst pupils who took part in the study. We have applied SI on Organic Chemistry I lessons to ...  Read More

Original Article
Promoting Resilience and Health of Urban Citizen through Urban Green Space

Zile Huma; Guangsi Lin; Syed Lakhte Hyder

Volume 1, Issue 1 , February 2021, Pages 37-43


  Urban green space (UGS) is considered as a key item of urban life. It is not only stimulating urban beauty but also help to promoting resilience and health of urban citizen. There is a debate on the role of UGS on people’s health and resilience. Therefore, this study intends to reveal the potential ...  Read More

Original Article
The study of Enzyme-Water Mutualism Theory

Rubén Rodríguez

Volume 1, Issue 1 , February 2021, Pages 44-49


  A variety of experiments have shown that water can occur as a liquid of high and low density, with various physical characteristics, as the product of two kinds of hydrogen association between H20 molecules. This is essential intracellular, since solutes may favor a water type or other, creates local ...  Read More