Assessment of Water Quality Index of Groundwater resources from Industrial areas of Anambra, Southeastern, Nigeria

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2 Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Physical Sciences, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria.

3 Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Physical Sciences, University of Nsukka, Nigeria.


The work determined the physicochemical properties and quality of groundwater samples from Industrial cluster areas of Anambra state, Nigeria using Quality Index method. The samples were collected monthly in rainy season (May–July, 2017) and dry season (November, 2017 to January, 2018). The ranges of the physicochemical parameters in both seasons were temperature (27.0–30.4oC), pH (5.5 – 6.5), electrical conductivity (22.5–178 µS/cm), calcium (1.00–17.67 mg/L), magnesium (0.00–13.33mg/L),total hardness (1.00–27.00 mg/L),chlorides (0.83–16.67mg/L), sulphate (0.33–4.00 mg/L), total alkalinity (0.75–16.67 mg/L), total dissolved solids (13.50–106.67 mg/L), total suspended solids (1.03–9.67 mg/L), total solids (16.00–116.33 mg/L), turbidity (0.00–3.04 NTU), dissolved oxygen (5.67–9.07mg/L), biochemical oxygen demand (0.10–1.27 mg/L) and chemical oxygen demand (5.67–18.33 mg/L). The values were compared with the standard values recommended by World Health Organization (WHO 2017) and Nigerian Standard for Drinking Water Quality (NSDWQ 2007). Statistical analysis (ANOVA) was performed which showed significance variations between the parametric values of the borehole water samples. Levene’s t-test indicated significance variations between the rainy season and dry season parametric means. The water quality index (WQI) results in both seasons showed that the water quality status of the samples collected from Uruagu, Nnewichi, Okpoko and Awada were excellent while those collected from Otolo, Umudim, Fegge and Woliwo were good.


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