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Department of Civil Engineering, Adhiyamaan College of Engineering



Our current concern is that nitrogen and phosphorus amounts are rising rapidly, Otherwise, to limit the growth of algae and biomass, it exists in relatively low concentrations in unmodified natural waters. This investigation aims to attempt to measure the level of eutrophication in the Hosur LakesFor this research, we chose three lakes named Chandrakudi Lake, Doddan Lake and Kelavarapalli dam. For dissolved orthophosphate, chemical oxygen need, organic nitrogen, free ammonia, inorganic nitrogen whole phosphorus and soluble oxygen, etc. some exemplars were gathered and examined. The onsite research  as transparence, facts on killing fish and deterioration of the lakes conditions, etc. was also accomplished. The eutrophication rate in the lakes was measured using the Wetzel's plan. The results showed that the rate of eutrophication was very high in all three lakes, i.e. more than enough to  very rich in nutrients that cause excessive plant growth, which chokes out the animal life in the water.


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