Young Researchers Club, Ardabil Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ardabil, Iran.



preventing greenhouse gasses discharge and proper environment maintenance is crucial for human race. For a sustained agricultural development, managing energy consumption and greenhouse gasses discharge (GHG) is important in all agricultural agroecosystem. This study aims to compare wheat cultivation in irrigated and dryland wheat production using energy usage-based greenhouse gas discharge in diverse climatic areas. Throughout 2019, a face-to-face questionary was used to obtain data from wheat cultivators. The total energy usage according to gathered data are 14975 and 54963.9 MJ ha−1 for dryland and irrigated wheat production. In dryland wheat production, energy consumption efficiency was 16% higher compared to energy consumption efficiency of irrigated wheat production. The total amount of GHG for dryland wheat production was 370.5 kg CO2-eq t−1 and 520.62 kg CO2-eq ha−1 and for irrigated wheat production, total GHG was 620.8 kg CO2-eq t−1 and 2986.71 kg CO2-eq ha−1. The order of GHG from low to high in dryland wheat production was chemical fertilizers, machinery, and diesel fuels. In order to reduce the GHG and its environmental effect, efficient energy consumption is vital in wheat production.


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