Assistant professor and lecturer of Medical school Alberoni University



During recent years, the shortage of surface water resources is a serious problem facing to the Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. Hence, the groundwater exploration should be limited for developing the new water resources such as artificial recharge. One of the main step of this process is locating suitable sites for constructing the artificial recharge structure. The objective of this study is determination of effective parameters on artificial recharge structure construction in Shahrekord plain to propose the best sites. The eight parameters affecting the artificial recharge structure construction are including permeability, hydraulic conductivity, precipitation, land slope, nitrate concentration, salinity, saturated and unsaturated thickness of aquifer.  For this purpose, ArcGIS10.3 software for the analytic hierarchy processes (AHP) and Expert Choice 11 software for prioritize suggested areas were used. Weight permeability 0.28 was in the first preference, hydraulic conductivity 0.23 in the second preference, saturation thickness of aquifer 0.17 in the third preference. Permeability, hydraulic conductivity and saturation thickness of aquifer are considered as the main parameters with the weight of 0.28, 0.23 and 0.17, respectively. Moreover, the weights of precipitation, land slope, and unsaturated thickness were obtained o.11, 0.08, and 0.06, respectively. The results show that about 0.089 percent of the study area are suitable for artificial recharge structure construction.