Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria



Supplemental Instruction (SI) is proved to be an effective application in universities and colleges around the world. SI is considered to decrease attenuation and enhance educating and accomplishment rate amongst pupils who took part in the study. We have applied SI on Organic Chemistry I lessons to support pupils’ engagement with acquiring the subject and information of Organic Chemistry, that is thought to be a tough and attenuating course. The goal of this study is to scrutinize the effect of SI addition in a big lecturing type Organic Chemistry class and meanwhile supporting scholars’ education and accomplishment in the mentioned class. The aim of the present study is to inspect if SI affects the scholars’ educational accomplishments, behaviors and educational capabilities. The tentative scheme is grounded on an experimental-like method that contains a  survey of open-ended and Likert-scaled questions which was given to SI scholars and their scores have been compared with the scores of scholars who were not in SI plan. Results show that adding SI to Organic Chemistry lessons will have positive effects on scholars’ behavior towards the subject and involvement in the class, assist the scholars to grasp the subject and information better, enhance scholars’ abilities to solve the problems, and can be helpful in enhancing scholars’ accomplishment, success and education. SI scholars responded with an average of 81% on overall passing, where non-SI scholars had an average of 50%. SI scheme has delivered a special and personalized educational experience for scholars which ended in an improved conceptual perception.