Evaluation of the Efficient Management of Greenhouses for Healthy Items in the Province of Alborz

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Water Management and Agricultural Management, University of Semnan



This study aimed to examine greenhouse productivity throughout generating greenhouse's safe goods in the province of Alborz. A basic randomized sample consisted of 150 greenhouse makers in Nazarabad, Hashtgerd and Chaharbagh districts of the Alborz Province is introduced and the demographic population of this experiment was incorporated. This analysis instruments were questionnaires verified by the University of Mohaghegh Ardebili and the University of Tehran, the faculty of water and agricultural management. Cronbach alpha 0.84 verified the specificity of the checklist. Based on the findings of the analysis, all leadership qualities of greenhouse stakeholders have a productive and important association with the development of safe greenhouse products in the province of Alborz, including interpersonal proficiencies, technological proficiencies, preparation proficiencies, arrangement proficiencies, success proficiencies, and control proficiencies. The findings of the regression analysis prove the 0.090 coefficient contact ability (beta) to generate safe greenhouse commodities in Alborz province to be substantially favorable.