K2Ti4O9 Whisker adsorbent investigation and utilization of it in Heavy Metal Ions elimination

Wang Jinchan; Wang Yuanyuan; Tang Xueni; Tian Tian; Lin Bingtao; Li Weidong

Volume 3, Issue 1 , March 2023, , Pages 21-24


  This study's purpose is investigating about adsorption of heavy ions of Pb2+, Cd2+ in water on potassium tetratitanate whisker. The impact of the Potassium tetratitanate whisker quantity, time, and pH amount on adsorption is investigated. The examination outcomes indicate that the adsorption proficiency ...  Read More

Sediment features of PVDF micro-filtration layers in a pilot-scale drink-water generation organization after sediment utilizing poly silicate iron and poly aluminum chloride

Wang Jinchan; Tang Xueni; Chen Hongqiao; Lin Yingying; Lin Bingtao; Cao Yong

Volume 3, Issue 1 , March 2023, , Pages 25-30


  A pilot-scale microfiltration poly-vinylidene fluoride (PVDF) layer with numerous vent sizes about 0.1 ㎛ and 0.05 ㎛ has been performed after sediment utilizing a poly-silicate iron (PSI) as coagulant has been manufactured and utilized. Feculence has been released totally and organic material, humic ...  Read More